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The Fate of Worlds part 2

Kabuto says, "The second session for the epic 27 level campaign is available for your aural amusement."

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The Fate of Worlds

Rachel - Fre, Tiefling Bard, Heir to the Turathi Empire, follows Erathis
Robert - Melech, Tiefling Paladin/Hospitaler, Fre's twin, drunkard guardian brother
Rusty - Kvaki, Goliath Blackguard, follows Bane
Kevin - Balon, Human Arcane Magister, follows Erathis
Lorrie - Ykaryn, Human Slayer, full of sunshine and happiness

 In the first of four sessions, GM-Scott sent the group into the astral sea to Gambler's Heaven, run by Otho the beholder. Otho owes a favor or two, but the group's vacation time is cut short when a giant citadel comes crashing towards Gambler's Heaven. It appears Githyanki pirates are battling some dwarves. Otho's brutes, as well as the group, rush in to try to control the hurling citadel. After defeating the pirates and their dragons, our heroes are made aware of some unusual activity within the "ship". Much to their surprise, it is not a ship but the husk of a long dead primordial. Bob the Dwarven paladin exarch begrudgingly informs the group of what they are up against. Everyone rushes to find the helm where the husk-ship can be controlled before it slams into the quickly approaching Celestian towers, Moradin's general territory. However, the saving measures are inhibited by numerous enemy obstacles.
"Vicious Mockery"

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