Friday, January 27, 2012

Harkenwold KevE01b

The brave adventurers managed to kill four powerful ogres with a little help from their friends the Half-orcs. Time to raid their lair then proceed to Enlast! Considering the bad guys this session, it seems like the Raven Queen might have her hand in this situation somehow... How, you ask? Listen here to find out!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harkenwold KevE01a

New year, new campaign! Well, this is actually the original, which was paused for the epic level 27.

It's late fall when the parents of Barakas Fel, a Tiefling bard, ask their son to leave Harken village to retrieve an item for their uncle in Fallcrest which has not yet arrived. Barakas picks up three friends for the trip:
Telia, a half-orc barbarian, who was adopted by farmers when her parents were killed on the Howling plains.
Thorn, a shifter warden, who lived in the woods near elves.
Ciro, a goblin rogue, who suddenly arrives in the village having just left Fallcrest.

For such a simple mission, the difficulties were numerous. After helping elves, the group run into peril with hobgoblins, spectres of some sort (kindly referred to as the golden squirrels), and other baddies, it is decided that the box is too dangerous to give to the uncle to sell. Travel to Fallcrest was met with more danger as the grandmother and parents of Barakas are hunted. Giant spiders, an angry and powerful Tiefling female, Ciro's past, and Shadowkin all try to take our heroes down. In Fallcrest the group adds another, Alston, a gnome wizard. The extra firepower is appreciated!

The box is safely stored in a vault during the fake-box transaction between uncle Neromar and Cirit, the meat puppet. Thorn and Telia meet Alston outside while Barakas tries to explain the situation to his uncle. Meanwhile Ciro tries to uncover information about Cirit and seems to get nowhere with him. After the transaction, all spy on Cirit who seems to sit motionless in his dark room. Cirit then disappears! This spells danger!

The next day the real box is retrieved and a dampener is put around it to try to keep baddies at bay while the group seeks a professional to help.

Kabuto says, "Listen in as the group do their best to make it to Enlast!"